Than Williams

Account Executive 

For the last 10 years, Than managed federal projects for major system acquisitions in Washington D.C. His role focused on development and implementation of enterprise information systems, ships, planes, electronics, and national land mobile radio solutions. Than is a retired 20-year Coast Guard Officer. He went to school at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy right out of high school, where he received his 4-year undergrad degree and commission. His exemplary sea service included international drug interdiction operations off the coast of Central America, enforcing U.N. sanctions against Iraq in the Arabian Gulf, and search and rescue operations off the coast of Alaska. In the continental United States, he ventured into the Marine Safety field of commercial shipping inspections and marine casualty investigations, training in NY harbor and heading the Coast Guard inspections and investigations department on Lake Erie out of Cleveland.

Than transitioned out of the Coast Guard, deciding that the high-tech industry is where he wanted to be. He attended Tech Qualled and obtained an Account Executive Certification for the B2B tech industry.