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Need Marketing help? Look no further!

We now offer marketing services!   Kitchen Sink Marketing helps companies create a consistent brand across different media outlets. We use a marketing agency model approach, scaled down to meet the needs of our clients.  Anyone with a marketing budget can work with Kitchen Sink Marketing. Whether you realize it or not, you have a […]

Liberty Technology goes Solar

Liberty Technology is continually striving to go green! Roofing and installation professionals are hard at work getting us ready for our new solar panels. Our new 39kw system is underway as we make one step forward towards energy independence. Why? The world needs more clean energy resources. Solar panels produce no greenhouse emissions, so they […]

Liberty Technology has gone LED!

Liberty Technology has gone LED!  What does this advanced technology have to offer?  We evaluated our current spending and did our LED homework to discover how LED lights greatly outperform standard incandescent bulbs.  We have now replaced our fixture bulbs, desktop lamps, interior and exterior lighting and are already noticing a big difference. LED stands […]

Cell Phone Safety during a Winter Storm

Far too many people around the Atlanta area heard stories today of stranded motorists, broken down in the snow and ice, stuck in traffic, some without gas and many of them unable to contact their families or get help.  Some of these stranded drivers were experiencing the black or white “screen of death,” batteries were […]

Liberty Technology Announces Merger with A Computer Guy, LLC

Liberty Technology has announced a strategic merger with A Computer Guy, LLC. A Computer Guy is a south Atlanta-metro area based computer-related service provider, specializing in helping small businesses, such as medical and dental offices, manage IT needs. Through this merger, Liberty Technology will serve a larger client base and those clients will benefit from […]

Tips for Creating and Remembering Passwords

One of my biggest pet peeves is trying to remember my passwords.  Anyone else have this problem?  My other pet peeve is when my email gets hacked.  I have started being more cautious about the strength of my password lately, and it seems to be helping.  However, it is a vicious cycle because the more […]

Liberty welcomes new Director of Services, Andy Nunez

Liberty welcomes new Director of Services, Andy Nunez. Andy’s experience in the management and delivery of information and communication technologies makes him a valuable new member of our team.  He has extensive experience in international business and has successfully managed operations and personnel, departments and functional areas in Europe, Asia, Central and South America. Andy […]