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Where in the World Did Liberty Go? A 2017 Recap.

As 2017 ends, the team at Liberty Technology is grateful to those who trusted us to be their technical advisors this year. We’re looking forward to an even more exciting and productive 2018! Looking back, it was a busy year filled with travel, events, and of course, training. Here’s a brief recap in case you’re […]

IT Nation Takes a Team!

ConnectWise’s annual conference – IT Nation – is one of the biggest IT conferences of the year, and the team at Liberty always looks forward to the event. We typically send a couple folks to learn about all the latest things going on in the industry. This year was a little different. We showed up […]

Liberty Technology named to National Small Business Association Leadership Council

The NSBA is the nation’s oldest small-business advocacy organization, and operates on a staunchly nonpartisan basis. Liberty’s Ben Johnson, a recognized leader in the small-business community, joins the NSBA Leadership Council alongside other small-business advocates from across the country as they work to promote the interests of small business to policymakers in Washington, D.C. It […]

Event Recap: Grand Opening of The Offices at East Taylor

Pictured: The Griffin-Spalding Chamber of Commerce holds Ribbon Cutting ceremony with business owners and staff. On Thursday, August 3, Liberty Technology opened their doors for the Grand Opening of The Offices at East Taylor, a state-of-the-art office ecosystem. The event gave attendees a chance to visit the fully redesigned historic building to learn about how […]

The True Cost of Slow Computers

It’s the End of the Year! from Kitchen Sink Marketing on Vimeo. We had a bit of fun putting together this “Office Space” video, but the message is even more important. Aging, out-of-date workstations cost your business time and money! Slow workstations are estimated to create a 2.75% productivity drop (13 minutes per day, or […]

Liberty Technology Recognized on 2016 CRN Next-Gen 250 List

Annual List Features Trailblazing Solution Providers Transforming Business with Emerging Technologies Griffin, GA, November 18, 2016 – Liberty Technology announced today that CRN, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Liberty Technology to its 2016 Next-Gen 250 list. The annual list recognizes standout IT solution providers who have successfully transformed their businesses to meet […]

Liberty Attends IT Nation 2016

Last week, members of our team traveled to Orlando, FL to attend the 2016 IT Nation Conference. IT Nation is the premier conference for technology solution providers and the largest event of its kind, offering a world-class experience for attendees.

Our team attends many of these conferences to expand their industry knowledge and make valuable connections with other IT professionals from around the world. This year’s focus was on delivering world-class service. Our team walked away with new, creative ideas and have already begun implementing some of them to create value for our customers.

“IT Nation was a whirlwind experience: non-stop learning, networking, and partying. In the process of bouncing ideas off of peers from all over the place, and learning new skills that will help us to provide more value for our customers,  I also walked away with a much firmer sense of direction and strategy.” – Andrea Goodsell

Our leaders, Ben Johnson and Nathan Jones, partnered with the folks at ConnectWise to present a session on how MSPs can implement aspects of agile software development to breakdown complex problems into workable tasks, promote collaboration, and team focus.

“For being my first IT Nation conference, I didn’t know what to expect. Within a few short days, I was able to expand my knowledge with new operating procedures to share with my team. I listened to a very thought provoking customer service session, and was able to view new applications to best service our clients.” – Susan Goodsell

“As a relatively new addition to the Liberty team, IT Nation helped give me a broader industry context and understanding of the different variables affecting the environment in which MSPs operate.  I came back with a comprehensive list of best practices and benchmarks that will help Liberty join the best in class.” – Steven Lease

What Did We Learn at The Fox? Find Out!

If you missed our Lunch & Learn at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta, you missed an incredible venue, amazing tour, and some crucial information on how to take advantage of the Apple & Cisco partnership for your business. By strategically incorporating mobility into your business strategy you can: enable new forms of customer engagement. improve […]

Meet On-Site OneSource Engineer Greg McLain

Our on-site support team is the best of the best, and technician Greg McLain is no exception. We call on Greg for everything from switch configuration to cable drops, and his expertise ensures that every job gets done just right. When he gets into the office, Greg usually knows where he and the rest of […]

Free Books for Learning to Code, The Fate of the Galaxy Note 7, and More in Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week

There has never been a better time to learn a programming language. O’Reilly Books now has a section on their website for free ebooks about programming. Samsung’s long battle with the notoriously temperamental Galaxy Note 7 has ended in discontinuation, after reports of replacement phones exploding. Yahoo has filed a patent for posters that will […]

Huge IOT Attack now Publicly Available, A Credit Card That Defends Against Fraud, and More in Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week

The Internet of Things-based botnet attack that silenced security researcher Brian Krebs’ blog for a short period was a chilling reminder of how insecure most IOT devices still are. The source code behind the attack has been released, and that means more hackers can perform similar attacks wherever they choose. The biggest vulnerability in your […]

Meet Business Development Coordinator Susan Goodsell

Business Development Coordinator Susan Goodsell is here to help! Susan is on our team to provide backup on the phones, help get our various projects out the door, and help streamline the processes that keep Liberty Technology ticking. Susan is also one of the first people a new client is likely to speak with at […]

Handing The Reigns of Censorship to Hackers, an Incredible Tech Partnership and More in Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week

Information security researcher and journalist Brian Krebs’ site was hit with a truly massive DDOS attack. The attack was mostly performed not with bot-netted computers, but with unsecured internet of things devices (like smart alarms, thermostats, refrigerators, and televisions). Unsecured equipment so widely distributed could mean that we’ve democratized the means to censor any site […]

Possibly the Largest Hack of all Time, Getting Hacked Instead of Upgrading, and more: Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week

The hack that Business Insider is reporting as possibly the biggest data breach in history, the Yahoo hack, was just confirmed by Yahoo and could have implications on the sale of the company to Verizon. When it comes to hacks on large companies, the first question asked tends to be “why wasn’t the IT infrastructure […]

Liberty Technology Recognized in Inc. 5000 for Fourth Consecutive Year

Liberty Technology has been recognized in Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 list for the fourth time in a row, and is the only Spalding County-based business to have been recognized more than twice in the annual list. The Inc. 5000 is an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies, and it represents the most comprehensive […]

Meet Office Assistant Hailey Tibbitts

When you call in to Liberty Technology, chances are good that Hailey Tibbitts will be the first person you talk to. Hailey is Liberty Technology’s office assistant, and she makes it so much easier to serve each client like they’re our first caller of the day. First thing in the morning, Hailey gets all our […]

Exploding Handsets, Internet Under Attack: Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week

Hard drive manufacturer Seagate is in the middle of a lawsuit filed by its own employees for leaking their tax information in a phishing attack. The future of the global economy may look grim from down here, but there could be a bright future for industry in space.  Samsung recently recalled the Galaxy Note 7 […]

Meet OneSource Engineer Todd Gardner

Todd’s day starts with the team stand-up meeting, and just gets more interesting from there. Todd is one of our OneSource engineers, and his experience as a systems administrator means that he’s got the skill to attack any client problem that arises. Todd loves picking up projects, and when a team member needs help getting […]

The Handover of the Internet, The History of Ransomware, and how to Hack on $50 – Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week 09/09/2016

A lot of opinion is mixed in with the facts on the US government’s handover of the internet to ICANN – but it’s clear that something has got to give. Fake a USB ethernet adapter with a $50 linux computer, and you can fool a computer into spitting out its own password. Ransomware continues to […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week 09/02/2016

You might have heard about the Dropbox hack – security expert Troy Hunt says it’s worse than originally thought, a lot worse.  Modular smartphones were the big-ticket idea a few years ago, though many everyday consumers didn’t quite get it. Google has announced the suspension of their modular smartphone project, Project Ara. Artificial intelligence is […]

New Phishing Tactic Targets Voicemail Users – Here’s What to Look for

Stop and think before you click on anything. Xavier Mertens of the SANS Internet Storm Center has released information on a clever phishing attack designed to look like a voicemail message from someone at a company the victim is familiar with. Often, phishing attempts will be disguised as documents like bills or reports. The victim […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 08/26/2016

Technology will never stop changing. If you want to get ahead, you need to adopt early and learn fast. What’s 200 times stronger than steel and smaller than 10 nanometers? The incredible graphene bubble! It’s still a little like the wild west, but even in the field of info security the unjust get what’s coming […]

Aging Infrastructure and the Delta Outage

Last week an outage at Delta grounded planes worldwide. There was no devastating hack attempt, and the servers at Delta’s data center weren’t melting in a huge fire. The Week spoke to Delta COO Gil West, who said, “Monday morning a critical power control module at our Technology Command Center malfunctioned, causing a surge to […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 08/12/2016

Facebook recently announced that they would be circumventing ad-blocking browser addons. The Adblock Plus team was quick to find a workaround, but they’ll have to be even quicker to keep up with Facebook’s next move. Researchers have discovered a vulnerability affecting up to 100 million Volkswagens, and it could render the vehicles’ remote locking systems […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 08/05/2016

Hacking continues to grow more sophisticated. A proof-of-concept at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas has demonstrated that malicious ads can steal user information from HTTPS pages. That bus concept that was tall enough to roll over two lanes of traffic? Well there’s a prototype out in China – and it is spacious. Apple […]

2016 Cisco Midyear Security Report Released, the Key Takeaways

Ransomware is the most profitable malware type in history, and Cisco predicts that ransomware as a whole will become more sophisticated, destructive, and dangerous as time goes on. Attackers continue to innovate, and defenders are struggling to plug the holes in their networks. The 2016 Cisco Midyear Security report was released last week, and Cisco’s […]

Liberty Technology is Looking for a Web Developer – Could you be the one?

If you love working with technology and solving complex problems, we want to find out what you’re capable of. Liberty Technology is searching for a web developer to help create beautiful sites for our clients and robust internal tools for our own use. You’ll work closely with our development team to assist with documentation, create […]

Defend Your Network With Cisco Meraki MX, AMP, and Threat Grid

The online threat landscape is constantly evolving, and responsive protection makes all the difference. Last week during Cisco Live it was revealed that Cisco’s world-class Advanced Malware Prevention (AMP) and Threat Grid are coming to the Cisco Meraki MX family of security appliances, and that means your business network will be safer than ever. You […]

Apple & Cisco get to Work, Find out What That Means for you This Thursday…

Apple and Cisco announced a ground-breaking partnership last August that is changing the definition of business mobility. Cisco tools like Cisco Spark, Cisco Telepresence, and Cisco WebEx have been optimized to bring the best possible collaboration experience to the Apple endpoints that you already love. iPads, iPhones, and more are ready to deliver enterprise mobility […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 07/15/2016

Ransomware is designed to get you to pay for access to your files, but there’s a new ransomware variant that asks for ransom and just deletes your files. Cisco’s Talos has more details in their report.  “Null” is the computer science concept/term used to represent a value of 0. Null Island is a “place” at 0°N […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 07/01/2016

Newfound vulnerabilities in Norton and Symantec security software could allow hackers to infect machines simply by sending emails containing malicious code. A study conducted on 200 resold hard drives concluded that 78% of them contained personally identifiable information or other sensitive data, even when they were supposed to have been wiped totally clean. Tesla teased […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 06/24/2016

“Hospital innovation” is not a phrase you really expect to hear in tech. Hospitals are usually running on outdated technology, or they’re investing in new technology that makes the patient experience unpleasant. Today’s entrepreneurs have a chance to change the way medicine and technology interact, and they might just be able to make it better […]

Hacks Every Week – How to Keep Your Data Safe

Change your passwords. In 2012, the extremely popular professional networking site LinkedIn was hacked. Originally, the estimate on compromised passwords was around 6.5 million. That figure isn’t small, but this May, LinkedIn publicly acknowledged that 117 million passwords were actually compromised in the attack. CNN reports that hackers have been selling the exposed data from […]

Mobilizing Your Teams With Kanban

The Agile MSP is a consulting firm composed of team members from Liberty Technology. CEO Ben Johnson and COO Nathan Jones recognized the need for MSPs to reconsider how services are delivered, and found success in applying principles from the Agile software development philosophy to their MSP business. The most exciting part of any endeavor […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week, 06/17/2016

The FBI’s new facial recognition tool was built rather quietly, and reports state that it has access to way more photos than originally estimated. Features in cars are coming to depend ever more on connection to the internet, and yet we can’t secure them properly. What can be done to protect our smart vehicles? Earth […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 06/03/2016

Google’s self-driving cars just get more and more sophisticated. Their newest upgrade? They recognize when to honk! Bloatware that comes pre-installed on a computer isn’t just a pain because it takes up space. The preloaded update systems on computers from OEMs like Asus and Dell actually open your computer up to exploits. Elon Musk thinks […]

Free Your Phones With the new MC74!

Free your phones! Thanks to the latest in Cisco Meraki magic, managing your phone system is now simpler than ever. The new Cisco Meraki MC74 phone draws on Meraki’s unparalleled network management expertise by integrating with the same dashboard that brings effortless control to Wi-Fi, switches, security devices, and more on your business network. And […]

Android Malware Posing as Legitimate Apps, Stealing Bank Account Info

FireEye reports that they have identified an Android malware family named SlemBunk that is actively phishing for specific financial institutions’ customer login credentials. SlemBunk monitors app activity on the phone, and when a targeted bank app is launched it injects a phishing overlay onto the legitimate login screen – stealing any credentials that the user […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 05/13/2016

Keep your software updated. A huge vulnerability has been discovered in 7-Zip, the popular compression software, that is affecting antivirus and other programs with devastating results. Do you know where your old phones go? Well PBS NewsHour  shipped off some GPS trackers for “recycling” and the results are surprising. Antibiotics often have some noticeable effects […]

Scammers Taking Advantage of Prince’s Death – What to Watch out for

Yesterday, news broke that Prince Rogers Nelson was found dead in his home in Minneapolis at age 57. He was found unresponsive in an elevator and was declared dead shortly after. He performed in Atlanta last week as part of his “Piano and a Microphone” tour, a stripped down show that has featured a mix […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week 04-15-2016

USB-C is the latest, greatest USB protocol, but it has flaws big enough to convince anyone to be wary of third-party cables (they can fry your equipment or steal your data, if engineered in a certain way) — that’s why the committee behind USB-C is putting a safety net in place to catch bad cables. […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week 04/08/2016

  “Sustainability” has become a buzzword so hard-ridden that it barely registers in corporate announcements and ad campaigns anymore. This concrete made from pollution is a material that actually deserves the title. AI tends to talk funny. Computers have trouble expressing concepts with imagery and idioms the way people do. That’s why more wordsmiths are […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week, 4/1/2016

MIT has had a hand in the development of lots of innovative consumer products like Lego’s Mindstorms robotics sets and the Guitar Hero series of games. Now MIT is letting their developers release anything they make as open-source, without any hurdles to jump. Apple is opening its web browser Safari a little bit more to […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week, 03/25/2016

Social engineering is the weapon of choice for hackers aiming at business networks. After all, hacking a human is easier than hacking a computer. Microsoft’s newest AI, named Tay, was taught by Twitter. Within 24 hours it had to be shut down for spouting racist tweets. Across the Pacific, a Japanese AI wrote a short […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 03/18/2016

Tax season is when identity theft pays off for cybercriminals, and it can happen to anyone. Even Lifehacker’s Eric Ravenscraft has been affected by identity theft. Ransomware is scary. Ransomware thwarted by a newbie mistake? Hilarious. One software developer’s example code was used in a real species of ransomware, and he easily unraveled the malicious […]

High-Profile Malvertising Attack Puts Millions of Users at Risk

Malware attacks include more than phishing attempts and spoofed emails. On Sunday, March 13, websites like,,,, and many other extremely high-traffic sites were serving up ads weaponized with malware. Malvertising is a malware delivery method where the attacker designs a convincing ad to put on an online ad network. Usually, when […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week 03/11/2016

It turns out the first ransomware capable of infecting Macs is a retooled Linux trojan. Apple fixed the vulnerability, but how did it happen in the first place? Password strength indicators are part of pretty much every account creation page on the Internet now, but do you know how easy it is to crack your […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week 02-26-2016

A hacker doesn’t need to be sophisticated to be effective. Brute force is often the best way to find the most permeable parts of a business network. Educating your employees on social engineering tactics, staying up to date on the latest security news, and learning security best practices for yourself are simple ways to make […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 02/19/2016

The fight over encryption is turning out to be one of the most important arguments of the decade. Criminals encrypt compromised computers and freeze entire business networks, corporations are faced with hard decisions about whether or not to decrypt devices in the face of ethics and government pressure, and ordinary citizens may lose the right […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week 02-11-2016

It’s time to wrap up another great week and get a little rest over another great weekend. Enjoy some of the week’s more interesting revelations, these are Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week. This week’s big news is what’s being called the scientific breakthrough of the century: researchers have detected the presence of gravitational waves.  […]

Clearing the Pipeline, Keeping Disaster Recovery Simple

Data runs through business like water through a pipeline. Annual data growth is expected to rise between 40%-60%, depending on how it is calculated. Some of that data will be personal, generated by everyday users tweeting, backing up family photos, using Facebook, etc. Most of that data, however, will be created by businesses. A significant […]

Meet Vice President of Marketing Nicole Perry

The work of Liberty Technology’s Marketing department is anything but routine. Internal requests and new initiatives flood in daily; and on top of managing our own marketing needs, Nicole manages the outsourced marketing projects as head of Kitchen Sink Marketing. In working to grow Kitchen Sink Marketing, Nicole currently meets with, writes service proposals for, […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week 1/29/2016

  Keeping yourself updated on tech might seem difficult, but it’s all about knowing where to start. Here are a few tech stories to get you thinking in the right direction, these are Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week. A new year begs new predictions, CRN gives us their 10 security predictions for 2016. Cisco […]

Liberty Technology Awarded at Annual Griffin-Spalding Chamber of Commerce Dinner!

On January 22, 2016 the Griffin-Spalding County Chamber of Commerce hosted their annual Awards Dinner at the Kiwanis Center. Liberty Technology was invited, and we had a fantastic time! We got to rub elbows with some of the best names in local business and honor those figures whose hard work over the past year contributed […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week 01/15/2016

Knowledge is power, and there’s safety in knowing how to protect your IT assets. Learn best practices and rest a little easier when it comes to your business information. And stay updated on what’s happening in tech. These are Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week. Microsoft has ended support for old versions of internet explorer, […]

Got Dell or EMC Storage? Trade up to SimpliVity now!

Gartner has predicted that customers will be the group worst affected by the Dell / EMC merger. Management attention will be diverted from customer concerns and market dynamics for the next two years, or longer. And products not seeing meaningful growth or generating meaningful cash flow face a greater risk of divestiture or under-investment in […]

Liberty Technology’s Year in Review 2015

2015 was a landmark year for Liberty Technology, it went by so fast that we don’t even know where to start describing it! We hosted a Lunch and Learn about working from home, employees and bosses alike found out how easy and beneficial it is to work away from the office, whether full time or […]

Outlook Acting Strange? It Could be the Latest Patch.

Microsoft’s December update for Outlook 2010 has been causing issues this week. Installs of Outlook with patch KB3114409 boot straight into Safe Mode, the mode commonly used to troubleshoot problems with Windows programs. The patch was meant to address an existing Safe Mode boot problem for certain installs of Outlook 2010 Service Pack 2, but has […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 12/11/2015

Consider an antivirus subscription for your loved ones this Christmas. The greatest gift you can give is protection from all of the terrifying security risks that lurk on the internet. Before shopping around, though, have a look at Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week. SVG, MCAfee, and Kaspersky antivirus all had one gigantic flaw in […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week 12/04/2015

As the weather (finally) gets cooler there’s plenty happening in the world of tech. Porsche’s lineup might be getting an eco-upgrade soon, Mozilla could be saying goodbye to a beloved app, and tolerance for tech crime is being tested. This is Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week. Porsche’s Mission E project has gotten the greenlight, […]

What IS Agile Anyway?

By Business Project Manager Andrea Goodsell When I first heard the word “agile” being bandied around in the workplace, I will admit to a certain amount of skepticism. A vague image of agile formed in my mind, and I tried to picture how we were going to take a set of tools and ideas primarily […]

The Agile MSP – Our Goal

The Agile Manifesto states that “we are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it.” In the same spirit The Agile MSP is an organization dedicated to uncovering better ways of providing IT services.  We value our teams and the communications that come from collectively solving problems and delivering solutions […]

Working in Time Bound Cycles

Working in time bound cycles facilitates the constant improvement key to an effective agile team.  Scrum is an agile framework that focuses work into tight incremental cycles that can be summed up as “create, review, improve.”  Implementation is broken into smaller, more manageable timeframes, and stakeholders can review progress early on and provide feedback to […]

Using Real-Time Communication Tools

Last week we introduced the idea of leveraging Daily Standup Meetings as a means to elevate the ticketing process from a data entry nightmare to an interactive conversation.  The true power of conversation, however, only starts with the morning standup.  Unlike software development teams, the service provider’s backlog is fluid and can change dramatically pending […]

Meet Director of Purchasing Denise Balentine

Packages fly into and out of Liberty Technology all day, every day. We need to order all kinds of things for our clients, and Director of Purchasing Denise Balentine keeps our shipments under control. She signs off on anything we need to order, whether it’s the new line of Lenovo computers, a crop of Office […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week 10/30/2015

Halloween is here, and whether you’re sitting in the living room waiting for the next group of trick-or-treaters, or sitting in the car waiting on your own little monster to finish shaking down the neighborhood you couldn’t find a better time to catch up on this week’s tech news. This is Liberty Technology’s Links of […]

Hosting Daily Standup Meetings

In our last post (Implementing Kanban on Service Boards and Projects) we began to unpack how the basic tenets of agile development apply to the managed service practice. Seeing tickets in this visual manner is only the beginning. A second and equally as important part of the Agile Manifesto is “responding to change over following […]

Meet Engineer Drew Dutton

Drew has a lot to do, and he’s always looking for more. A regular day sees Drew fixing computers and taking care of tickets like most techs. But when a server needs to be put together or one of our software services is ready to be set up for a new client, that’s when Drew […]

The Agile MSP Manifesto

Modern MSPs must adopt Agile to survive, and companies that don’t get with it will be relegated to competing in an increasingly commoditized market of “me too” service providers that believe that “good enough” is good enough. The companies that are “agile” enough to survive rapid market changes and strive for rapid, continuous improvement are […]

Meet Inside Sales Specialist Andrea Goodsell

Everyone at Liberty Technology wears a few different hats. Inside Sales Specialist Andrea Goodsell keeps an entire hat rack next to her desk. Andrea’s position requires a deep knowledge of many of Liberty Technology’s business functions, and without her we would get backed up in administrativa and side-projects. Andrea pulls projects and tasks from around […]

Meet Chief Financial Officer Ashley McDaniel

Ashley is Liberty Technology’s CFO, and whether we need an invoice written up, an account paid out, or just a little help with the budget, we depend on her for everything financial. Ashley’s day flies by, and that’s just how she likes it. She takes care of an incredible number of tasks; everything from reviewing […]