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Meet Inside Sales Specialist Andrea Goodsell

Everyone at Liberty Technology wears a few different hats. Inside Sales Specialist Andrea Goodsell keeps an entire hat rack next to her desk. Andrea’s position requires a deep knowledge of many of Liberty Technology’s business functions, and without her we would get backed up in administrativa and side-projects. Andrea pulls projects and tasks from around […]

Meet Chief Financial Officer Ashley McDaniel

Ashley is Liberty Technology’s CFO, and whether we need an invoice written up, an account paid out, or just a little help with the budget, we depend on her for everything financial. Ashley’s day flies by, and that’s just how she likes it. She takes care of an incredible number of tasks; everything from reviewing […]

Meet Security Lead Nick Anderson

Patching is a big deal, and the process isn’t something to rush through. Nobody knows this better than Liberty Technology’s Security Lead, Nick Anderson. Nick controls the patches that get pushed out to our clients’ systems. Whether for laptops, desktops, or servers, when Microsoft pushes a patch for Windows, Nick is the first to know. […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week, 09/11/2015

It’s been an amazing week in tech, and we’ve been searching for the most interesting articles from around the web. Here they are, Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week! The big news this week was, of course, Apple’s landmark event. Popular Mechanics’ coverage is simple, comprehensive, and relatively unbiased. The Verge adds some opinion into […]

Meet Collaboration Lead Randle Rivers

Randle is our resident collaboration expert, and his experience with VOIP systems and network design ensures Liberty Technology clients can see and hear everyone they work with clearly – whether from across the building or across the country. Randle understands the ins and outs of IT infrastructure like any good technician, but unlike your run-of-the-mill […]

Liberty Technology Back From XChange 2015, and We’ve Got News

From August 9 – 11 The Channel Company was in Washington D.C. to host XChange 2015, their annual conference that brings together influential technology vendors, executives, and IT industry analysts from all over the world. Liberty Technology’s Ben Johnson and Nathan Jones were in attendance, and they weren’t there just for the networking. The XChange […]

Meet Dispatch Manager Elly Zhilyak

When one of our technicians leaves the building for a work site and they know where they’re going, they have Elly to thank. Elly is our dispatch manager, and she makes sure that our OneSource clients get prompt onsite assistance from the best technician for the job. She handles calls from our customers for front-line […]

Meet Engineer Jonathan Miley

Jonathan is the first line of defense for Liberty Technology’s customers. Whether you need a password reset, malware removal, or if you just have equipment that needs to come into the shop for a little maintenance, Jonathan is your guy. When Jonathan isn’t responding to emergencies, he’s learning about Cisco/Meraki network management systems. Jonathan also […]

Want to Streamline Work? Make a Kanban Board!

Lately we’ve been having a look at ways to improve our productivity at Liberty Technology, and as an experiment we threw up Kanban boards for our technicians, engineers, and marketing department to work with. The Kanban System Kanban is a system designed to streamline production. Whether you’re producing false teeth, software, bread products, or anything […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week 08/07/2015

We’re bringing you five of the best tech stories from around the web this week, whether they’re interesting, edifying, or just entertaining. Here are Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week! It’s easy to lose track of time at the office, whiling away minutes and hours with busy work and distractions. Having your computer keep you […]

Meet Applications Development Lead Josh Presley

Josh Presley hardly ever says “No, sorry, I don’t know how to do that.” He’s an engineer and our applications development lead, but he doesn’t just sit around coding all day. Josh takes care of email servers and user management for our OneSource clients, as well as helping with backups, server break-fixes and a lot more. Josh is involved with more than […]

Break Free of the Workplace, Find Your Workspace.

Liberty and Cisco have the tools you need to break out of the workplace and into the workspace. With Cisco’s Unified Workspace it doesn’t matter where you are, you’ll always be able to get things done. The new workplace is decentralized. That means that inside the office or outside, you and your employees have greater […]

The Industrialization of Hacking

It’s a principle you see in nature all the time; as the complexity of a system increases so too do the ways in which it can be compromised. Compare the effects of a fire breaking out in a small, rural area to one in a heavily populated city.  Both are dangerous, and both are a […]

Gathering more Digital Marketing Knowledge

On June 30, Liberty Technology Marketing Assistant Jake Gentry attended “Advanced Social Media Strategies,” a class at General Assembly Atlanta. The workshop, led by Kerry Abner, Brand Strategist for Intecoo Group, dealt with current best practices for specific platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Kerry also talked about how a company’s brand plays into […]

Liberty Technology at Digital Summit 2015

Vice President of Marketing for Liberty Technology, Nicole Perry recently attended This year’s Digital Summit covers cutting edge topics in marketing such as: digital personas, trends in social, retargeting and much more. Digital Summit Atlanta is a premier digital strategies forum transforming the future of the digital commerce ecosystem – including Marketing, UX & Design, Search, […]

Ben Johnson Serving on Cisco’s SMB Advisory Board

  Ben Johnson serves as an Advisor on Cisco’s Small Midmarket Business (SMB) Advisory Board. The SMB Advisory Board is an exclusive group of Cisco partners that have access to Cisco Executives and Cisco’s Senior Management team. Of Cisco’s more than 80,000 partners, only 30 of them are members on the SMB AB. Cisco meets […]

Liberty Makes Their way to Automation Nation 2015

Automation Nation is LabTech’s annual conference for managed service providers like Liberty Technology who are looking to expand their learning, network with peers, and connect with LabTech’s team of experts. From June first through the third Liberty Technology team members Ben Gibson and Drew Dutton were in Orlando for the event, and it was loaded […]

USB-C is Already Here, and it’s Ready to Take Over

It’s possible that you haven’t heard of USB Type-C yet. It’s the new USB standard that has quietly begun rolling out through various manufacturers. Google’s new Chromebook Pixel, for example, sports a port for the new connector. USB-C is extremely impressive. For starters it solves the decades-old problem that has plagued USB since its inception. […]

Liberty Technology Continues to Gather Knowledge (part 2)

EMC World is the place where the full range of EMC communities come together. The conference is unspeakably massive, and that’s exactly what Liberty Technology team members Scott Gallacher and Charles Goodsell were thinking as they came through the doors of The Venetian in Las Vegas on May 4th.  More than 300 information sessions ranging […]

Liberty Technology Continues to Gather Knowledge (Part one)

On May 3-6, 2015, Ingram Micro held their Spring ONE event, an event that brings together Ingram Micro partner communities, technology experts, vendor partners, and business leaders for three days worth of intense networking, business and technology education, and strategic planning. Liberty Technology team members Nicole Perry and Elly Zhilyak were in attendance to help […]

Stop Struggling with a Stuck Printer!

Keeping your office’s printer ecosystem up to date can be daunting. Maybe you’ve got a printer that just isn’t running as smoothly as you like or you’re spending more on toner and other supplies than seems reasonable. What if you only have one workhorse printer in an office that really calls for a few? Too […]

Liberty Technology Renews Their VMware Enterprise Partnership Status

We at Liberty Technology have just renewed our VMware Enterprise Partnership status, and that means we’re still among the highest levels of partnership within the VMware Partner Network. The VMware Partner Network is a comprehensive program that provides a common infrastructure, extensive sales and services tools, margin opportunities and industry-recognized training for the entire VMware […]

Introducing Nathan Jones, COO of Liberty Technology

Meet our new Chief Operating Officer Nathan Jones. Nathan’s position affords everyone at Liberty Technology the freedom to get their work done knowing that resources are being allocated right where they need to be. Nathan’ s 14+ years of experience in project management and entrepreneurial leadership are put to use daily at Liberty Technology as […]

Liberty Technology Named to the MSPmentor 501 Global Edition

Penton Technology honored Liberty Technology this week with a listing in the 8th-annual MSPmentor 501 Global Edition. Penton Technology’s list, identifying the world’s top 501 MSPs, include the top ranked MSPs in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The full 501 list is available on MSPmentor. Every year, MSPmentor gathers […]

It’s official! Studies on the Nest Learning Thermostat reveal savings of up to 15 percent in heating and cooling costs!

This February Nest Labs, Inc. released results from energy savings studies that revealed the Nest Learning Thermostat has saved customers around 10-12 percent in heating costs and 15 percent in cooling bills. These results come from three separate studies, and this marks the first large-scale research into the effects that a well-programmed smart thermostat can […]

Liberty Technology at The ASCII Group’s SMB Success Summit Tour!

February 18-19, The ASCII Group held the first stop in its 2015 IT SMB Success Summit tour in Miami. The summits are focused on bringing together managed service providers for educational seminars, industry presentations, ASCII member meetings, and networking opportunities. The event is largely educational, packed with thought leaders and speakers from various vendors and […]

Lenovo, Superfish and You

Between October 2014 and December 2014, Lenovo shipped some – but not all – computers with a piece of software called Superfish. Superfish installs a root certificate on the local computer. The root certificate can be used in place of normal certificates when browsing secure websites. Superfish was not included on ThinkPad series Laptops & Ultrabooks. This malicious software was […]

Liberty Technology is one of UGA’s Bulldog 100!

On the evening of Saturday, February the 7th a massive celebration began at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta. Hundreds of movers and shakers from all across the country filed in beneath the black and red banners of UGA’s 2015 “Bulldog 100” awards, and we at Liberty Technology were proud to find ourselves part […]

5 tips that will help you avoid HIPAA claims

  We’ve spoken about the potential costs of HIPAA violations in the past, and here at Liberty Technology we can help you avoid the big mistakes that could get your business into heavy fines or even worse. Did you know that there are many ways that you can start protecting your business from HIPAA penalties […]

Microsoft announces the end of support for Windows Server 2003; how to make your migration even easier.

Microsoft has announced the end of support for Windows Server 2003, and that means some adjustments will need to be made for any business currently using Windows Server 2003 as part of their infrastructure. After July 14, 2015 Microsoft will no longer be pushing out security updates for the 12 year old server environment, so […]

Solitaire: Friend to All, Productive to None.

Microsoft Solitaire, the king of free games. Maybe you should be doing something more productive you think as you pull another 10 to cover that Jack you put down fifteen minutes ago.  Available on the Windows operating system since Windows 3.0 back in 1990, Solitaire (or, as the Windows variant is sometimes known, Klondike) has […]

File Sharing and Mobility in the Workplace

File sharing and collaboration challenges continue to grow as employees work both in the office and on-the-go. Soonr and Liberty Technology can provide the security and data protection that your business requires, helping your team collaborate to get the job done from wherever you are. Unlike other file sharing solutions, Soonr Workplace is designed to […]

Soonr Desktop Enhancements

Product Update for Soonr! We wanted to let you know that there are new enhancements to Soonr Workplace desktop agents for both Windows and Macintosh. Soonr Workplace Desktop Agent version 5.0 offers two significant enhancements: Project Loader The Project Loader allows for Projects to be pre-populated with files that are available locally. This can significantly […]

Liberty After Hours & Tech Expo Review!

Liberty Technology hosts annual business after hours event in conjunction with the Griffin Chamber of Commerce and Toys for Tots Raffle drawings, live music, copious amounts of food and beverages, and an exclusive look at premier technology vendors at this year’s event, held on November 20, 2014.  #LAH2014 The night began with RSVP’d guests meeting […]

Noah’s Ark Case Study

About Noah’s Ark Noah’s Ark is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Animal Sanctuary dedicated to bringing children and animals together with the purpose of providing unconditional love, unconditional service and a future full of hope. Noah’s Ark has over 1,500 animals with 100 different species and it costs $33,000 per month to feed and care for the animals. […]

Need Marketing help? Look no further!

We now offer marketing services!   Kitchen Sink Marketing helps companies create a consistent brand across different media outlets. We use a marketing agency model approach, scaled down to meet the needs of our clients.  Anyone with a marketing budget can work with Kitchen Sink Marketing. Whether you realize it or not, you have a […]

A Look Back at Liberty Technology’s 2014

  In January 2014 Liberty Technology was named to Fifth Annual Bulldog 100: Fastest Growing Bulldog Businesses “Liberty Technology, based in Griffin, was recognized as the No. 64 fastest growing business owned or operated by a University of Georgia graduate during the 2014 Bulldog 100 Celebration on January 25 at the Marriott Marquis in downtown […]

Cryptolocker Copycats Are Still Going Strong

  Cryptolocker has been around for a little more than a year now. For those of you who do not know, Cryptolocker encrypts your computer files and then holds then ransom for a number of Bitcoins. Bitcoins are not an easy thing to acquire. On top of that, you only have so long to pay […]

Liberty Technology goes Solar

Liberty Technology is continually striving to go green! Roofing and installation professionals are hard at work getting us ready for our new solar panels. Our new 39kw system is underway as we make one step forward towards energy independence. Why? The world needs more clean energy resources. Solar panels produce no greenhouse emissions, so they […]

Vendor Expo at Liberty Technology’s After Hours

On November 20, Liberty Technology will be hosting our After Hours and Technology Expo.  We are starting the event off with private consultations with different vendors.  This is a perfect opportunity for you to get the answers on how Liberty Technology and our partners can help you take your business to the next level. Over […]

McIntosh Trail CSB Case Study

  McIntosh Trail Community Service Board Video Testimonial   About the Project The McIntosh Trail Community Service Board is a public entity created by the Georgia legislature in 1993 to provide mental health, developmental disability and addictive disease services. Services are available to residents of Butts, Fayette, Henry, Lamar, Pike, Spalding and Upson counties. McIntosh […]

How to Clean Up a Virus-Infected PC

While there a number of ways to protect PCs from getting infected with malware, none of those are surefire. Unfortunately, any virus protection is only as good as yesterday’s viruses. So what do you do if you’re already infected? *The following steps are for a computer running Windows 7. Back it up, back it up […]

Online Music Services

A few weeks ago, Amazon announced a new music service that it provides to anyone that’s already a Prime member. More recently, Songza announced that it was merging with Google to create a bigger better music service. Now you may be reading this thinking, “Wait, there are other music services besides Pandora and Spotify?” Yes […]

Liberty Technology Employees Expand Their Knowledge

Over the past several weeks members of our team have traveled far and wide to conferences around the nation in order to bring back all the latest and greatest industry secrets. These IT conferences allow our team to learn more about our partners’ offerings to help expand their knowledge and make valuable connections with other […]

Browser Security

It’s no secret the internet can be a dangerous place. There is always new malware being deployed and there are always new people trying to get your sweet sweet data. But there are always updates to try and counteract those attacks.  If you pay attention to tech websites like this one or any news outlets, […]

Storm Season is Coming! Are you Backing Up?

Springtime means storm time and storm time means computer repair time. While the wind and rain may be eating away at your roof and the new coat of sealant on your deck, the lightning strikes are crying havoc on your electronics. Of course you’re a smart consumer, you don’t have your PC and other expensive […]

Liberty Technology has gone LED!

Liberty Technology has gone LED!  What does this advanced technology have to offer?  We evaluated our current spending and did our LED homework to discover how LED lights greatly outperform standard incandescent bulbs.  We have now replaced our fixture bulbs, desktop lamps, interior and exterior lighting and are already noticing a big difference. LED stands […]

Let’s Stop Talking about “Backups”

Is your desktop backed up? Did you backup that server? Are your backups on a different machine? Do you have offsite backups? All good questions, all best practices. But let’s stop talking about “backups.” Doing a backup is too low a bar. Any experienced system administrator will tell you that they have a great backup […]

URGENT: Internet Explorer / Adobe Flash Player Security Flaw

Urgent message for Windows users: A security flaw which allows remote compromise of affected machines was detected in Microsoft Internet Explorer, specifically versions 9, 10 and 11. If you are currently using a Windows based computer and running Internet Explorer you may be vulnerable to this security flaw. You should immediately do the following: Download updates from Adobe […]

On-Site versus Off-Site Backups

A lot of business and home users debate on on-site vs. off-site backups. Both keep your data safe in case of software or hardware issues, but what do you need to know to decide which is right for you and your business? Things to think about when doing backups: What is being backed up and […]

Are you safe from the Heartbleed Bug?

By now, you have surely heard of the Heartbleed bug that has caused recent disruptions to the internet.  The bug has caused massive security threats and has affected many websites that you likely use every day. While Liberty Technology’s services are not affected, we recommend that your personal passwords are changed. Read more about who […]

Windows XP End of Line Q&A

On April 8th 2014, Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows XP. Liberty Technology has been informing its customers for some time that the deadline was approaching but now that we are close to this date, we want to provide some pertinent and timely information that will enable our customers to make informed decisions about the […]

The Soonr the Better

Does your work computer have limited space on its desktop for any more files? Hopefully you are not one to save important documents locally but if you are, keep reading. All storage drives eventually fail. If you are saving files on your computer for business purposes, you are putting your company at risk. Not to […]

A Blog post about Business Blogging

Blogging is not a term unknown to most people, in fact most people you know probably have a blog. But if your business isn’t currently making use of blogging to increase web traffic, then it’s probably something you should consider. Let’s discuss two common obstacles most people have with blogging for business. What to talk […]

Do you Meraki?

Regardless of the size of your business, network connectivity and reliability are two of the fundamental components of a healthy company in today’s technology-driven world. Employee downtime is very expensive and a great motivator for looking into how you spend your IT budget.  What would your bottom line look like if you could increase up-time […]

Do Macs get Viruses?

The truth is that all computers are vulnerable to viruses. However, some are much more likely to be infected than others. The real difference is the operating system running on the computer. Windows is definitely at the top of the list for being vulnerable, and it’s because of a couple of different reasons. 1. Windows […]

What’s Going on Inside my Computer?

  There are many important aspects of computers and they can be very daunting. Have you ever been shopping for a new machine only to be blindsided by gigahertz and jigawatts, not to mention the googolplexes or random access memories and teraflops? Well, not to worry, because while all the numbers associated with computer are […]

Why Do Hard Drives Fail?

At the workbench at Liberty, we have magnets stuck to everything. We use them to keep our tools at hand and to keep the menagerie of screws we go through in place. All these curiously strong magnets came from one source, dead hard drives. It’s a fact of life that a hard drive will fail; […]

Cell Phone Safety during a Winter Storm

Far too many people around the Atlanta area heard stories today of stranded motorists, broken down in the snow and ice, stuck in traffic, some without gas and many of them unable to contact their families or get help.  Some of these stranded drivers were experiencing the black or white “screen of death,” batteries were […]