Event Recap: Grand Opening of The Offices at East Taylor


Pictured: The Griffin-Spalding Chamber of Commerce holds Ribbon Cutting ceremony with business owners and staff.

On Thursday, August 3, Liberty Technology opened their doors for the Grand Opening of The Offices at East Taylor, a state-of-the-art office ecosystem. The event gave attendees a chance to visit the fully redesigned historic building to learn about how Liberty Technology has integrated technology into the workplace to modernize the environment.

“With a human-centered approach to work and workplace, Liberty Technology has created an ecosystem of spaces designed to adapt and evolve over time, optimizing real estate while fostering higher employee engagement.”

At the event, attendees had the opportunity explore the office as they participated in the Living Office Showcase—an interactive vendor fair that took them on a tour through the entire building while getting to stop to meet and talk with the businesses of The Offices at East Taylor, view live tech demos, have their headshot made, enjoy live music, or hear from representatives of IT-industry leaders such as Pivot3, Cisco Meraki, Genetec, VBrick, and others.

Every stop on the showcase tour featured craft beer or wine, as well as several catered food stations including specialty meatballs, pulled pork sliders, brisket, and gourmet desserts. Guests completing the tour were entered into a raffle drawing to win an Apple Watch, among many other great prizes.


For the first time ever, we had virtually every Liberty team member involved in the execution of this event, and so for this blog post, we invited a few of them to share their perspectives!

Let’s hear what some of them had to say about the evening: Ashley, Aubrey, Drew, Gloria, Jessica, Todd B, and Wes provides feedback for your reading pleasure.

How were you involved in the Open House event?

WES: My involvement stemmed from days before getting things ready in advance and the day of making sure everything went smooth as possible all the while socializing with guests and friends.

AUBREY: I greeted people as they came through our front doors. I wanted to make sure they felt very welcome. Susan and I handed out the event pamphlets and explained how everything was going to work for the night. I answered any questions they had and had little conversations with many people.

DREW: I handed out booze. (oh, Drew..)


Pictured: GLORIA: I manned the back room beer and wine station. While I didn’t get to mingle with the guests, I did get a chance to meet a lot of people, both from the community and our client base. I was able to chat with them while serving the beverages.

What was your favorite part about the event?

GLORIA: My favorite part of the event was meeting some of the clients that I had been speaking with over the phone face to face and getting to know my coworkers better through the teamwork involved in making this event happen.

TODD B: I enjoyed the atmosphere and the opportunity to meet some of the people we support.


Pictured: DREW: Making people feel welcomed.

WES: Being able to show the surrounding community a taste of what we do.

Why do you think it is important for companies to host these kinds of events?

JESSICA: I feel it’s important to do these events to get our name out in the community, to get to see the face on the other side of the computer, and to show the community who we are and what we do.

TODD B: It allows them put a name with a face and hopefully form a better relationship with us.

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GLORIA: I think it is important for companies to host events like this to get to know our clients and members of the community on a more personal level, rather than solely on a professional level. They see those of us who are only a voice over the phone, as individuals just like themselves. It also gives them insight as to what our company does, and how this can benefit them and their businesses.

AUBREY: Any one I have ever talked to just thinks of this place as a small town tech store with just a few employees. So being able to have some of these people actually in our store, seeing how amazing it looks, talking to our many employees, and saying “This is not at all what I expected”…that’s pretty awesome.

Open House gives guests an inside look into our company culture—is there anything you’d tell people about working at Liberty Technology that they may not have picked up on during the open house?

WES: We usually don’t have as much beer as we had that night but our food is always Al Dente’.

JESSICA: That we like to play, but we work hard.

ASHLEY: That although it looks like a huge funhouse space, we don’t have much time during the week to enjoy these things. That’s why we have a “Liberty After Hours” every couple months 😉

GLORIA: I think we all fully showed what Liberty is all about; the laid back, but total professionalism we bring to the table, how we work as a team and get things done in a big way. They say that actions speak louder than words, and when they looked around at how far Liberty has come in a few short years and spoke with our employees, they know that this didn’t just happen. It was obtained by a great deal of hard work from our CEO on down, our entire team, and that is Liberty.


AUBREY: We like to have fun, but when it comes to clients’ issues, we take it seriously.

We estimate we had about 200 people walk through our doors during this 2 hour event, and it was all a wonderful experience! Thank you to all our guests, coordinators, and vendors. And a special thank you to all the local businesses who we couldn’t have pulled this thing off without your help:

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Griffin/Spalding Chamber of Commerce (for co-hosting this event)
• The Griffin Daily News (for helping us publicize this event)
Reeves Cleaners, Inc. (who hooked us up on tablecloths)
• Nina & The Chicken House (for the serving up amazing meatballs)
Minuteman Press of Griffin (who rush printed our entrance signs)
• David Fountain & Bank Street Cafe (for the beer)
• Kate & Kate Dague Interior Design (for arranging our office)
The Cookie Jar & Gifts (for the cookies)
Chad McDaniel Catering (for the delicious food)
Hope & Hope’s Cleaning Service (for making our office shine)
• and, Kitchen Sink Marketing (who helped market & coordinate this event)

Also, thank you to all the local businesses who donated door prizes: Bunjee’s Comics Griffin, La Maison Derm Esthetics, American Tanning & Leather LLC, All Together Unique Clothing & Accessories, Franklin and Rosemary Traveling Boutique, The Georgia Tour Company, and everyone else who donated!

Our community is who helps make us successful, and so we thank YOU for being a part of it! ⊕