Free Your Phones With the new MC74!


Free your phones! Thanks to the latest in Cisco Meraki magic, managing your phone system is now simpler than ever. The new Cisco Meraki MC74 phone draws on Meraki’s unparalleled network management expertise by integrating with the same dashboard that brings effortless control to Wi-Fi, switches, security devices, and more on your business network. And the MC74 comes packed with features that make it oh-so-satisfying to use.

With just a serial number, network administrators can remotely deploy and configure the MC74 — before it’s even connected to a network! Then, the Meraki dashboard enables remote management from anywhere, making the MC74 ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses with small or nonexistent IT departments, but also for larger enterprises that need to set up networks in remote offices.

A beautiful high-definition 7” touchscreen makes up most of the MC74’s interface (with physical buttons only for volume and mute) and it’s ever expandable, as Meraki’s engineers and designers continually refine and improve the user experience. Later this year, for example, the MC74 is planned to integrate with comprehensive communication platform Cisco Spark for seamlessly converting chats to calls with a tap!

The call quality is crystal clear; speech comes through flawlessly thanks to wideband audio. Calls can be placed with the handset, USB, Bluetooth, and even regular cellphone headsets. The MC74 also comes with a sensitive microphone and full-range speaker for an exceptional hands-free experience during meetings.

So here’s what it takes to get the MC74 working for you. You’ll need a Meraki MC license, starting at $150 per unit; the appliance is $599; and the SIP service to connect your phones to the outside world via a public switched telephone network is $8.95 a month.

To see the MC74 in action, call Liberty Technology at (770) 229-9424 to set up a demo and take your stand for phone freedom!