Huge IOT Attack now Publicly Available, A Credit Card That Defends Against Fraud, and More in Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week


The Internet of Things-based botnet attack that silenced security researcher Brian Krebs’ blog for a short period was a chilling reminder of how insecure most IOT devices still are. The source code behind the attack has been released, and that means more hackers can perform similar attacks wherever they choose.

The biggest vulnerability in your credit card is in those little numbers. A French company has developed a card whose security code changes every few minutes to combat fraud.

The benefits of Amazon Prime just keep piling up, and among movies, music, and free shipping, there’s a new benefit just for people who burn through books and magazines.

Humans have a seemingly rare ability to anticipate what others are thinking. We used to think we were the only creatures that could do that, but we’re finding that apes (among other brainy animals) have developed the same capacity. It could even be essential to their survival.

Sandpoint, Idaho is the first town to install a solar-powered section of roadway. The future of driving is looking pretty bright.