Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week, 03/25/2016


Social engineering is the weapon of choice for hackers aiming at business networks. After all, hacking a human is easier than hacking a computer.

Microsoft’s newest AI, named Tay, was taught by Twitter. Within 24 hours it had to be shut down for spouting racist tweets. Across the Pacific, a Japanese AI wrote a short novel that almost won an award.

Always keep your software up to date. A recently discovered vulnerability in Java has been patched, and users not running the latest version are vulnerable to having their computer compromised.

A Chinese businessman has pleaded guilty to conspiring to steal sensitive military data. The most notable target of the planned attacks was Boeing.

We at Liberty Technology know all too well the value of a large, company-wide cultural shift. It’s particularly exciting, then, to see electronics giant Samsung announcing a pivot to a less rigid corporate culture.