Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week 04-15-2016


USB-C is the latest, greatest USB protocol, but it has flaws big enough to convince anyone to be wary of third-party cables (they can fry your equipment or steal your data, if engineered in a certain way) — that’s why the committee behind USB-C is putting a safety net in place to catch bad cables.

Consenting to a breathalyzer is one thing, but you may be asked to consent to a roadside “textalyzer” at your next police encounter.

If corporations run the world, anyone who wants a slice of the pie needs to act like a corporation. That means cybercriminals, too.

The internet and social media comprise an all-you-can-eat buffet of information, but the majority is undeniably junk food. How did it get that way? And if we are what we Tweet, where do we go from here?

Could you win the Daytona 500 in your own car? Would your car continue to work after winning the Daytona 500?