Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 05/13/2016


Keep your software updated. A huge vulnerability has been discovered in 7-Zip, the popular compression software, that is affecting antivirus and other programs with devastating results.

Do you know where your old phones go? Well PBS NewsHour  shipped off some GPS trackers for “recycling” and the results are surprising.

Antibiotics often have some noticeable effects on your energy levels, and they’re very regularly prescribed. Your gut flora tend to bounce back after a round of antibiotics, despite their powerful effects. How does the microbiome get back to normal, and how can we help the environment fix itself with microbes?

After-work communication can be like a leash that keeps you chained to the desk even after hours. France is close to rolling out a plan that’ll put a stop to the after-hours time-suck.

The Internet of Things is taking over, and stopping it isn’t an option. The problem isn’t that everything’s connected, it’s that none of it is secure.