Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 06/24/2016

Computer and a cup of coffee

“Hospital innovation” is not a phrase you really expect to hear in tech. Hospitals are usually running on outdated technology, or they’re investing in new technology that makes the patient experience unpleasant. Today’s entrepreneurs have a chance to change the way medicine and technology interact, and they might just be able to make it better for everyone.

The Solar Impulse has become the first aircraft to cross the Atlantic on solar power alone – here’s Engadget’s report.

Boston dynamics knows their robots look eerie. That’s why they’ve put googly eyes on their new (almost) housework-ready robot dog’s weird head arm. 

Your exercise data could be available to hackers right now, but hackers don’t care about your heart rate. The really scary part of all these connected devices is how insecure they make the networks they’re connected to.

Netflix needs to be competitive, and they also need to earn more to support the content they bring to subscribers. Many subscribers are willing to pay a little bit more. 74% of subscribers polled, though, would unsubscribe if Netflix turned to ads.