Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 07/01/2016


Newfound vulnerabilities in Norton and Symantec security software could allow hackers to infect machines simply by sending emails containing malicious code.

A study conducted on 200 resold hard drives concluded that 78% of them contained personally identifiable information or other sensitive data, even when they were supposed to have been wiped totally clean.

Tesla teased an “autonomous solid metal snake” charger for their electric vehicles quite some time ago, but it still hasn’t hit consumer garages. This impatient DIY’er has put together one of his own.

So hackers have a big toolbox full of specialized software to steal data with once they get inside of a network right? Well no, they usually just use the same network management software your IT guy does.

In a move for better transparency, Google has rolled out My Activity – a dashboard where you can see and control which of your activities Google tracks.