Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 07/15/2016

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Ransomware is designed to get you to pay for access to your files, but there’s a new ransomware variant that asks for ransom and just deletes your files. Cisco’s Talos has more details in their report. 

“Null” is the computer science concept/term used to represent a value of 0. Null Island is a “place” at 0°N 0°E where bad map data gets caught.

Business is changing dramatically through tech, and some of the biggest businesses in the world have folded simply because they could not adapt. GM took steps to make sure they were not going to be left behind.

Citigroup is paying $7m for a decade-old software glitch. The glitch has potentially been interfering with SEC investigations for years.

And Apple is teaming up with the production company behind The Biggest Loser to release a reality show of their own: Planet of the Apps