Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 08/12/2016


Facebook recently announced that they would be circumventing ad-blocking browser addons. The Adblock Plus team was quick to find a workaround, but they’ll have to be even quicker to keep up with Facebook’s next move.

Researchers have discovered a vulnerability affecting up to 100 million Volkswagens, and it could render the vehicles’ remote locking systems useless.

It turns out Venus may have been habitable in its early history. It would have been a really rainy planet.

Another faux ransomware has come onto the scene. Much like Ranscam, this malware demands payment and then just deletes your files. It’s still a prototype, though, and is just sloppy enough that it might get its creators caught.

“Insider information” about Apple’s next big announcement keeps trickling down – MacRumors suggests that the MacBook Pro line is about to get its biggest overhaul in years.