Liberty’s Cisco & Apple Lunch & Learn – the Information You Can’t Miss!

Liberty COO Nathan Jones presenting

Liberty Technology’s COO Nathan Jones opening Thursday’s Lunch and Learn presentation

If you missed our Cisco and Apple Lunch and Learn last week, you not only missed a great presentation – you missed your chance to win an Apple Watch! Don’t worry if you weren’t able to attend, though; we’ll fill you in on the highlights. This is information that you can’t afford to miss.

If you would like to see the slides from our presentation, they are available here.

Liberty's Susan Goodsell and Steve Crimmins of Cisco drawing to see who won the Apple Watch

Steve Crimmins of Cisco draws to see who wins the Apple Watch

Cisco and Apple partnered in August of 2015 to turn Apple devices into the ultimate business collaboration endpoints with the help of the most popular networking equipment in the world. Cisco networks and iOS devices are being optimized for use together – meaning that Apple devices will be faster on Cisco wireless networks. Cisco collaboration tools like Spark, Cisco telepresence, and WebEx will also be optimized for use on iOS. So you’ll enjoy the same easy, intuitive experience on your iPhone or iPad that you get on your desk phone or other Cisco collaboration device.

With your Apple devices optimized for communication with Cisco networks, your device will know which Cisco access point is the best to use and automatically connect to it. Employees will get a consistent app experience, no matter where they go on campus. Even better – your IT department will be able to prioritize apps, so if an employee starts a video call while a coworker is streaming music, the call takes priority and gets enough bandwidth to stay clear and consistent.

Security is paramount to both Cisco and Apple, and with Cisco’s Systems Manager security tool, administrators don’t even have to touch an Apple device on the network to enroll it and start making it more secure. Security Manager reduces costs and security risks via capabilities like enhanced threat detection and containment. Security policies are automatically enforced on enrolled devices, and they can even change as the device moves from one location to another.

Cisco appliances come with a whole host of other benefits on their own, such as 802.11ac wireless for 65 percent better performance than 802.11n networks. Cisco appliances also feature end-to-end security – even your non-Apple devices will be protected.

And all these ambitious improvements don’t end with the endpoints. Cisco’s intelligent WAN with Akamai Connect combines the industry’s top routing platform with all the application optimization and security services you need to ensure a great app experience at both headquarters and branch locations. Get visibility into network traffic and the ability to automatically direct that traffic. Help apps run faster while offloading 50 to 90 percent of traffic with intelligent caching. Improve app performance without spending more on bandwidth.

Attendee Bill Bryant receives his Apple Watch from Steve Crimmins

Attendee Bill Bryant (right) receives his Apple Watch from Steve Crimmins.

Liberty Technology is the region’s only Cisco and Apple partner. Our clients trust that we understand their unique business goals and will help them get the best results from their technology – especially as the quantity and diversity of devices, apps, and data make connecting and managing it all more challenging. Our extensive portfolio of services means that we can provide the level of service that your business needs.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how the Cisco and Apple partnership can benefit your business, call Liberty Technology at (770) 229-9424. We can demo Apple endpoints and Cisco equipment, and you can learn about financing options like Cisco Capital.