Meet OneSource Engineer Todd Gardner

LT_Staff_Todd G_WEB (1)Todd’s day starts with the team stand-up meeting, and just gets more interesting from there. Todd is one of our OneSource engineers, and his experience as a systems administrator means that he’s got the skill to attack any client problem that arises. Todd loves picking up projects, and when a team member needs help getting something off the ground, Todd is there to help.

When he takes up work on a project, Todd zeroes in on the niche he can best leverage to get the job done. Todd realizes that our projects tend to be really comprehensive, so when he needs help he’s happy to ask for it.

Todd’s attitude is a byproduct of his passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. When not at Liberty, Todd can be found helping out at PTC Combat Fitness in Peachtree City, or spending time at home with his family.