Reduce Your Taxes and Get the Equipment You Need Now

Find out how by watching this video:

Fireside Chat with Ben & Josh from Kitchen Sink Marketing on Vimeo.

I’m sure you’re working, like we are, to close out 2016 strong, and looking forward to spending some much-needed downtime with family and loved ones this holiday season.

For your business, closing out the year on a positive note is important. I’m writing to tell you about a great opportunity to invest in your business and reduce your tax burden all at the same time.

If you’ve got aging workstations that you know need replacing, if your equipment is out of warranty and getting old and slow, now is the time to replace and update.

Aging, out-of-date workstations cost your business time and money! Slow workstations are estimated to create a 2.75% productivity drop (13 minutes per day, or 5.5 days per year). The problem is further exacerbated if you have old server equipment, which can dramatically affect a large number of users. As a result, the one-year ROI for replacement of old systems is often 5X to 10X.
Let’s put it in perspective. 
Let’s say you have 13 workstations with expired warranties. Those workstations you could be costing you up to 72 days of productivity per year. That’s a lot of time, and time = money.
Taking advantage of 2016 tax deductions on capital equipment (see video below for more on that) means can invest in your business, get back that time and productivity you’re losing, and lower your taxes all at once. And with 0% financing from Cisco Capital, there’s no reason not to.