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Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 08/12/2016

Facebook recently announced that they would be circumventing ad-blocking browser addons. The Adblock Plus team was quick to find a workaround, but they’ll have to be even quicker to keep up with Facebook’s next move. Researchers have discovered a vulnerability affecting up to 100 million Volkswagens, and it could render the vehicles’ remote locking systems […]

Apple & Cisco get to Work, Find out What That Means for you This Thursday…

Apple and Cisco announced a ground-breaking partnership last August that is changing the definition of business mobility. Cisco tools like Cisco Spark, Cisco Telepresence, and Cisco WebEx have been optimized to bring the best possible collaboration experience to the Apple endpoints that you already love. iPads, iPhones, and more are ready to deliver enterprise mobility […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 07/15/2016

Ransomware is designed to get you to pay for access to your files, but there’s a new ransomware variant that asks for ransom and just deletes your files. Cisco’s Talos has more details in their report.  “Null” is the computer science concept/term used to represent a value of 0. Null Island is a “place” at 0°N […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 02/19/2016

The fight over encryption is turning out to be one of the most important arguments of the decade. Criminals encrypt compromised computers and freeze entire business networks, corporations are faced with hard decisions about whether or not to decrypt devices in the face of ethics and government pressure, and ordinary citizens may lose the right […]