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Mobilizing Your Teams With Kanban

The Agile MSP is a consulting firm composed of team members from Liberty Technology. CEO Ben Johnson and COO Nathan Jones recognized the need for MSPs to reconsider how services are delivered, and found success in applying principles from the Agile software development philosophy to their MSP business. The most exciting part of any endeavor […]

Working in Time Bound Cycles

Working in time bound cycles facilitates the constant improvement key to an effective agile team.  Scrum is an agile framework that focuses work into tight incremental cycles that can be summed up as “create, review, improve.”  Implementation is broken into smaller, more manageable timeframes, and stakeholders can review progress early on and provide feedback to […]

The Agile MSP Manifesto

Modern MSPs must adopt Agile to survive, and companies that don’t get with it will be relegated to competing in an increasingly commoditized market of “me too” service providers that believe that “good enough” is good enough. The companies that are “agile” enough to survive rapid market changes and strive for rapid, continuous improvement are […]