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Android Malware Posing as Legitimate Apps, Stealing Bank Account Info

FireEye reports that they have identified an Android malware family named SlemBunk that is actively phishing for specific financial institutions’ customer login credentials. SlemBunk monitors app activity on the phone, and when a targeted bank app is launched it injects a phishing overlay onto the legitimate login screen – stealing any credentials that the user […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week 04-15-2016

USB-C is the latest, greatest USB protocol, but it has flaws big enough to convince anyone to be wary of third-party cables (they can fry your equipment or steal your data, if engineered in a certain way) — that’s why the committee behind USB-C is putting a safety net in place to catch bad cables. […]

Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week – 03/18/2016

Tax season is when identity theft pays off for cybercriminals, and it can happen to anyone. Even Lifehacker’s Eric Ravenscraft has been affected by identity theft. Ransomware is scary. Ransomware thwarted by a newbie mistake? Hilarious. One software developer’s example code was used in a real species of ransomware, and he easily unraveled the malicious […]

How to Clean Up a Virus-Infected PC

While there a number of ways to protect PCs from getting infected with malware, none of those are surefire. Unfortunately, any virus protection is only as good as yesterday’s viruses. So what do you do if you’re already infected? *The following steps are for a computer running Windows 7. Back it up, back it up […]

Are you safe from the Heartbleed Bug?

By now, you have surely heard of the Heartbleed bug that has caused recent disruptions to the internet.  The bug has caused massive security threats and has affected many websites that you likely use every day. While Liberty Technology’s services are not affected, we recommend that your personal passwords are changed. Read more about who […]

Do Macs get Viruses?

The truth is that all computers are vulnerable to viruses. However, some are much more likely to be infected than others. The real difference is the operating system running on the computer. Windows is definitely at the top of the list for being vulnerable, and it’s because of a couple of different reasons. 1. Windows […]