The Handover of the Internet, The History of Ransomware, and how to Hack on $50 – Liberty Technology’s Links of the Week 09/09/2016


A lot of opinion is mixed in with the facts on the US government’s handover of the internet to ICANN – but it’s clear that something has got to give.

Fake a USB ethernet adapter with a $50 linux computer, and you can fool a computer into spitting out its own password.

Ransomware continues to be the tool of choice for hackers of all skill levels – but how did it get this bad in the first place? Comparitech provides a comprehensive history of ransomware.

AI just continues to get more sophisticated. Google’s DeepMind AI has put together some very convincing artificial human voices.

Everyone’s favorite DIY microcomputer foundation has finally begun selling starter kits for the Raspberry Pi!