The True Cost of Slow Computers

It’s the End of the Year! from Kitchen Sink Marketing on Vimeo.

We had a bit of fun putting together this “Office Space” video, but the message is even more important. Aging, out-of-date workstations cost your business time and money! Slow workstations are estimated to create a 2.75% productivity drop (13 minutes per day, or 5.5 days per year).

Let’s put that into perspective.

Let’s say you have 13 workstations with expired warranties. Those workstations could be costing you up to 72 days of productivity per year – roughly two and a half months! That’s a lot of time, and time = money.

Opportunity cost is all about the amount of production time your employee could be spending doing valuable work, had they not been wasting their time waiting for a slow computer. Whether this is a production employee, a sales rep, or a member of your finance team, the opportunity cost is normally double the actual cost – because they could have been shipping product, closing deals, or collecting money for you with that spent time. Instead, they’re pushing deadlines. Guess who pays for that?
Now is the time to purchase.

Did you watch our fireside chat about tax deductions? Taking advantage of 2016 tax deductions on capital equipment means you can invest in your business, get back that time and productivity you’re losing, and lower your taxes all at once. And with 0% financing from Cisco Capital, there’s no reason not to.

Get in touch with us today to discuss replacing your out-of-warranty and out-of-date workstations and equipment. Purchases made and put into service before December 31st will qualify as deductions under Section 179. Time is of the essence.
18 days left, so let’s talk soon!