Are you stuck in a frustrating cycle of adding new tools to an already complex set of security solutions?

Safeguarding people, data, and assets is critical to the success of any financial institution.

It takes only one computer, somewhere in the world, to get compromised by a malware variant, and that’s what can keep you up at night. Finance organizations have always been concerned with asset security – strong walls to keep the bad guys out, with more free rein inside. However, with today’s encrypted traffic and advanced attacks, you need greater visibility to gain the full protection you need. The prevalence of cloud solutions, SaaS, and web-based apps means greater use of encryption to keep others from seeing traffic in transit, but traditional security solutions can’t see it either. In addition, signature-based security isn’t sufficient to combat the phishing, spear-phishing, and zero-day attacks that employees and customers are subject to on a regular basis. By deploying a unified solution, business benefits go beyond security. It improves efficiency, cost savings, and the overall customer experience.


Many financial institutions choose to keep an in-house expert or team to manage the day-to-day technology needs. These teams can benefit from having a partner to help co-manage on projects or advanced monitoring/reporting. As a co-managed IT partner for a financial institution, Liberty can provide increased infrastructure visibility, strategic technology roadmaps, and other IT solutions that can help prevent downtime and increase security.


Create a comprehensive security package with access to the latest technology and IT best practices. We help financial institutions deploy and monitor advanced security measures, increase visibility to help assess the impact of a threat, prioritize response, and remediate – mitigating damage and saving time and costs.


Finance departments need to store a lot of data, and know that their client information is protected and easily accessible. Liberty Technology can provide a variety of storage solutions, either on premise or in the cloud. And seamless integration with existing architecture combines analytics, access control, and more into an easy-to-manage platform.



After several years of supporting United Bank's existing data center infrastructure, Liberty Technology worked with United Bank's IT staff to reconfigure their existing storage solution to better allocate and optimize resources. Partnering with United Bank as their infrastructure ramped to maturity allowed this client valuable time to properly evaluate several different storage refresh options before making a purchasing decision.


Refreshed storage array with an all flash-based storage solution. UnitedBank has seen increased performance in the virtual environment and has room to set up additional servers for new projects. Additionally, backups can complete faster and without impacting production workloads. This allows for more frequent backups to run decreasing Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).

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