Government is the last technology adopter

But that needs to change. Government officials have the difficult task of balancing citizen expectations, transparency, and compliance all while keeping the public safe from physical and digital threats. IT modernization is critical for governments across the board to drive growth, improve economies, and enhance citizen services. Effective government needs to rely on an integrated network that allows it to be responsive, communicative, and efficient.


Liberty Technology partners with government officials to create strategic IT roadmaps that solve their community's most critical issues. We equip governments with the tools needed to make a direct connection with citizens, allowing cities and counties to be more productive and responsive to the public's needs.


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Public Safety

Our team delivers the tools that your departments need to understand and visualize situations in progress, no matter their location, and take action based on accurate situational awareness. The outcomes? Improved response efficiency, better problem solving, and smarter decisions.


Our threat-centric and operationalized approach to security reduces complexity and fragmentation while providing superior visibility, consistent control, and advanced threat protection before, during, and after an attack.


Improve efficiency and provide the transparency needed. Save money by enabling staff to manage and organize the growing amount of paper and digital documents. Our archiving solutions ensure quick retrieval of electronic information needed for open records requests.


By performing audits, our team has found find thousands of dollars in redundant payments and unutilized funds that can be reapportioned to increase technology spending. We've partnered with financing programs that allow governments to apply for grant funding or pay for investments over time.

Spalding Co. Success Story

In the summer of 2017 Spalding County, GA was infiltrated by ransomware. The following case study illustrates how having a security team and protection in place resulted in the best possible outcome for the county. Liberty Technology engineers were able to find the entry point, remediate, and get users back up and running with minimal downtime.

After a report that two Spalding County users couldn't access their files, a quick triage showed that these files has been encrypted. The first response by the team was to shut down the computers and disconnect any access to the servers. A search of all the servers for locally encrypted files tracked the issue back to a remote desktop server that had been opened up to the outside world for a vendor to work on. Looking into the security logs on that server, the team found a brute force attempt trying generic account names. The user name “Intern” was able to log in and start encrypting files. Since there was no important new data, the server was restored from a backup that predated the login attempt. The remote access from the internet was also disabled, which would close the entry point for any further force attempts.

Business outcome

  • Ransomware was detected within 15 minutes of the issue being reported
  • The spread of encryption was prevented
  • Restores of affected servers were started within 1-2 hours of the malware detection
  • The ransomware entry point was identified within 4 hours
  • The county had very minimal downtime of 4-5 hours; server restores were completed within 20 hours
  • County user training was implemented to help users identify phishing emails and fake websites