Technology that puts patient care first

As a healthcare provider, you’re managing a host of devices, ranging from phones and tablets to security cameras to life-saving equipment – often all connecting to a large, distributed network. It’s critical for you to be able to reliably keep track of what devices are connected to your network, what they are doing, and what sort of access each one should have. HIPPA compliance and EHI protection must underlie every function.

And, just as your network needs to guard your patients’ information, it also needs to be flexible. Mobile video consultation capacity, with secure access to your patients’ medical records – wherever and whenever you need them – can save critical minutes in your patients’ care.


Liberty Technology can work to ensure that all machines are connected to their respective domains and have the appropriate security updates. Vendor machines that lack the appropriate security technologies are denied access. This ensures greater protection for critical, life-saving medical equipment and confidential patient records – and we can implement it with little to no downtime.


Physicians need to be connected to staff and patients no matter where they are. We can design and implement an EMR management solution that allows physicians to have secure access to patient information anytime from anywhere, reducing time to diagnose by 10 to 45 minutes. All without compromising HIPPA and compliance regulations.


With a layered security bundle specific to the healthcare industry, employees and patients are protected against ransomware attacks that can cause downtime. Spam is reduced, greatly increasing the productivity of employees and the network. Our security solutions easily block malware and other threats, keeping them off the network.


  • Increase digital security
  • Open a new location
  • Connect remotely to patients and staff
  • Upgrade or repurpose infrastructure
  • Increase mobility for physicians and staff
  • Audit current practices for HIPPA compliance
  • Improve document storage and access
  • Implement a physical security system
  • Increase staff productivity

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Forward-thinking healthcare organizations must embrace technology at every point of the patients care.

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