Secure Digital Manufacturing. Where do you begin?

Statistics reveal a particularly dangerous security situation in manufacturing. In 2017, nearly 40 percent of manufacturers surveyed reported targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats as high risks for their organization. And nearly one-third reported a loss of revenue due to one or more attacks in the past year. According to the Dell Security Annual Threat Report: “Aging industrial machinery infrastructure presents huge security challenges that will continue to grow in the coming months and years.”

How we can help

As a strategic partner, Liberty Technology can assist your IT team as a “virtual CIO” to plan for and address the complex network challenges your manufacturing organization faces. At the same time, you’ll gain competitive advantage by protecting valuable information and assets.


Ready to begin your strategy?


Our Connected Factory Security suite addresses IACS security risks. It is designed to transform diverse manufacturing processes into a unified and highly secure communication system that links infrastructure, machines, and people.


IoT is revolutionizing manufacturing. Let us implement IoT to help your organization manage inventory in real time and automate supply chains. This automated technology gives manufacturers the ability to adapt to business requirements.


Connect factories, workers, and equipment. With our networking solutions, industrial companies can build one common, converged, and rugged plant-to-business network. With improved network uptime, you'll be able to cut costs and improve operational efficiency.