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Why Outsource your IT?

Liberty Technology provides valuable technical services for small to medium businesses - from supplying hardware and software to managing an entire network infrastructure. By implementing proactive monitoring systems, we prevent major network downtime. And when minor trouble arises, we rapidly resolve the issues in minutes, not days. Liberty is your technology partner and a one-stop shop, enabling you to make better strategic decisions in planning for growth and eliminating waste.


Why Liberty Technology?

  • GCIC-certified staff
  • Team of professionals with over 40 different technical certificates and degrees, collectively
  • Competitive flat-rate fee
  • Over 50 vendor/reseller relationships
  • Potential issues and problems prevented
  • Always using the latest software to monitor, maintain and protect your network


IT Simplified

Wouldn't it be nice to have a single number to call for any technological need? Now you do.
Liberty will take care of all your business computer needs, which frees you to focus on your business.

When billing labor hourly, IT companies choose to do only what is necessary to resolve the immediate issue. The root causes of many issues go unnoticed until they become large and costly.

When handling your IT needs yourself, employees end up spending valuable time trying to get their systems to function properly, instead of handling business-critical work, costing your company time and money.

Business Network Evaluation

Contact us today for a full network evaluation.

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OneSource Options

Below is a chart to illustrate our OneSource solutions. We offer two OneSource packages. OneSource Core is the basic package which covers monitoring, security and backup. OneSource Complete includes OneSource Core and offers further support and services.



OneSource Quick Overview


Remote Support

A Liberty Technology technician can remote into your computer and resolve the issue while you watch.

  • Hardware issues
  • Printing problems
  • Email problems
  • Software setup

Network Security

Organizations have never been more focused on security. Meeting and managing threats while controlling costs, Liberty Technology can make sure your network is secure. 

  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-spyware
  • Anti-spam

On-Site Support

For emergency situations, Liberty Technology can have a certified technician dispatched to your location to diagnose and find a solution.

Server Maintenance

Servers are the key to storing files in a central location, providing remote access to shared projects and calendars between employees. We will make sure your servers are running efficiently at all times.

Data Recovery

Data loss can be detrimental to your business. Liberty can recover your data and discover the causes of the loss. 

Off-Site Backups

A disaster is no time to discover your backup system didn’t work. Liberty offers unlimited backups to an offsite location, ensuring your data is safe and secure.

Quality IT Support

Thinking of hiring an IT guy? Think again. We’re twice as good and half the price. As a provider of the best outsourced IT support, we can save you up to 50% on your IT costs compared to an in-house member of your staff.


1. Reliable

We have specialized technicians available around the clock.

2. Effective

We have the superior expertise that you need to solve the problems our competitors cannot.

3. Understanding

We pride ourselves on a high level of direct communication with our clients.

4. Value for Money

Excellent efficiency allows us to price our OneSource Services below our competitors.

5. Client Satisfaction

Our outstanding survey rankings on customer satisfaction awarded us Microsoft Silver Certified Partner.