The Complexity Gap Is Getting Worse

The amount of technology solutions available continues to multiply each day. The average customer relies on more than 15 separate vendors to supply their technology needs. While these solutions may work for a while by continuing to add more you could be adding complexity to your environment. The more point solutions, the more difficult it is to correlate information between them to gain a clear picture of what is going on in your business.

Every new solution comes with another management interface, and each one demands a human resource and management hours to set up, set policy, respond to alerts and train users. Your IT guy or team is now dealing with added complexity without much overall incremental effectiveness.

Liberty Simple
Ready to partner with a Hybrid Technology Provider?

How We Can Help: OneSource Services

It’s not just the technology that we provide to our clients that makes a difference, but our proven approach to how we design, transition and manage these solutions. We help our clients to evolve their Hybrid IT Environments. We recognize that organizations are not just looking for a company that will sell, install, fix and refresh technology for them, but a partner that is also capable of helping them to transition, to manage their environment, to drive adoption and create tangible outcomes.

Our unique skill sets and experience allows us to offers solutions that “the big guys” can to organizations of any size. We are hybrid in segments serving startups, mid-market, and enterprise across all verticals. Our solutions are built on four major pillars: Collab, Secure, Compute, and Connect with each project customized to individual needs. We take a holistic approach to service with a proven process that takes each client from business need to customer success!

OneSource Services: Our Secret Sauce

Virtual CIO

Business Benefit: Stay competitive with an up-to-date IT strategy for a reasonable cost

Many businesses lack the resources to hire an IT manager who actually understands business problems, not just IT. That means most of the responsibility and work land on the CEO's shoulder which is already overloaded with work, and usually gets neglected, leading to problems in choosing right solutions, managing projects, or implementing applications to make the company more competitive.

Our Virtual CIO goes through the responsibilities of an IT Manager and checks what functions would be needed for each business. In a client advisory role we can fill the gaps. As part of the Virtual CIO service, the IT Development Roadmap Planning process guides the design of a higher level concept, a road-map for the company within the realm of technology.


Business Benefit: Devices are configured, updated and running at peak performance at all times.

Workers are dealing with desktops, smartphones, tablets and other devices as part of their work. Hiring an in-house IT staff is often out of the budget, and managing, training and support take further expertise and time. This is why an outsourced Service Desk performing the Managed IT Support Services is crucial. When issues arise, documentation starts, activities are tracked on tickets and reported regularly.

Complete includes preventative maintenance employs automated tools and well-trained technicians from a central location. The company systems are monitored with different applications, and certain tasks are generated for maintenance. The engineers are able to work with hundreds if not thousands of systems centrally with higher efficiency.

Advanced Security

Business benefit: Feel confident that you have the industries best security package as a tireless defender against attackers.

The best way to get hacked is to think you won't be. Security risks are growing in specificity and sophistication. Overwhelmed IT staffs implement costly solutions but the threats still get through. $96 billion dollars spent on security in 2018 and 66% of companies still get hacked.

Our Rampart service is the most comprehensive security package powered by Cisco's Advanced Security Architecture. Our layered approach to security is a set of proven solutions that work better together to reduce risk, increase effectiveness of existing solutions, reduce time to detect and reduce time to respond. By leveraging our best practices you can protect your most important assets while reducing your overall technology costs.

Data Protection

Business Benefit: All critical data is backed up at all times.

A catastrophic data loss has serious consequences to not only finances, but also to reputations in the market and operations internally. In the good old days backing up was as easy as plugging in a disk to a server and letting it roll. Now, however, our data is of a different scale, and distributes all around the world in cloud-based services and data-centers. Making sure our data is safe and that we can get back on track in case of catastrophic loss is crucial.

Our Catacomb service is all about the development of a data backup process, implementing it and daily maintenance. We make sure all server infrastructure, all private, hybrid and public cloud data is backed up. The service also has disaster recovery processes in place for any data loss recovery.