The more intuitive way to work. 

The way people meet is changing. And Webex is ready. Cisco Webex is more than just meetings—it's an open platform for teams. It securely combines calling, meetings, and team collaboration in the cloud. 

The result is a new Webex Meetings application for your meetings and a new seamless team collaboration application called Webex Teams (formerly Cisco Spark). 

Best of all, it's so easy to use. The technology fades into the background and lets your team's ideas come through. 

Understanding Cisco Webex
Webex Meetings

Consistent, video-first experience across devices. Enhanced video layouts — up to 25! New mobile video experience and mobile AR. Integrations enabling you to meet where you work. 

The first thing you will notice about Webex Meetings is that it is “video first,” meaning you’ll be strongly encouraged to turn on your camera. That’s because seeing and being seen are fundamental to good teamwork. Gone are the days when you’d stare at the screen only to see the presentation. You’ll now see all your teammates, in crisp, clean layouts whether you are using your laptop, your Cisco video room device, or your mobile device.

Webex Teams

Today’s business challenges are getting more and more complex, creating an urgency to help teams connect and get their best work done. We want to make it simple for our Webex users to take the next step to team collaboration. May 2018 Cisco Spark becomes Webex Teams. Webex Teams keeps everyone’s feedback together in one place, for the whole team to see and refer back to.

Webex Teams gives you a much richer set of tools — including whiteboarding, persistent messaging, simple guest access, content sharing and integrated tools — to support teams both during and after the meeting.