Full-scale Collaboration Solutions: It’s What We Do. 

Business is about connections: Connect employees with each other, to customers, and to partners, from anywhere, using any device. Help them do their best work with an affordable, easy-to-manage collaboration solution. 

With over 10,000 Cisco collaboration solutions installed globally, our team has the experience to implement any solution you need.  

Liberty Technology is an Advanced Collaboration Cisco Partner and Webex Teams Master Ambassador, with offices in USA and Europe. Our highly qualified engineers will design and install any Cisco Collaboration Solution, from backend to Video Conferencing devices in meeting rooms — anywhere in the world.

There is a direct connection between high growth and high levels of innovation with use of advanced collaboration technologies, especially face-to-face video. Techaisle
Room Design

We identify the right technologies for your business needs, integrating them for the seamless delivery of audiovisual, data communications and conferencing solutions for clients of all sizes in any location.


Endpoint designs for every use case. From Series IP phones and video units to web, mobile, and desktop clients.

Presence Analytics

Our custom-developed software integrates with conferencing endpoints to support advanced analytics of meeting room usage across a building.

Webex Teams

A simple, secure space where you can get things done from anywhere in the world. Connecting your endpoints to the cloud. 

We've Got The People

Your main point of contact—our project managers plan, manage, and handle your project details from start to finish.

Our Webex Teams Masters represent the top 5 percent of Webex Teams Ambassador Evangelists. In addition, several members of the Liberty Technology team are certified Webex Teams Ambassadors, positioning Liberty Technology as global Cisco experts.

Better Collaboration Delivers Better Growth

You’re looking to grow.
You have a lot of decisions to make. Budgets are tight. Results are critical.

Techaisle surveyed business and technical decision makers at small and midmarket businesses, comparing results and strategies of high-growth vs. low-growth organizations.

The verdict:
If you want to grow, bring on collaboration.


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Our Technical Account Managers work directly with customers and company staff to ensure that service quality standards are constantly exceeded.

Focused on support, deployment, and migration of collaboration services across the company. Extensive experience in configuring and managing collaboration tools, apps, and other productivity tools used in an enterprise. 

Consult, assess or audit, design, and interview customers to determine highly technical requirements. Convert requirements into actionable scope of work. Provide knowledge transfer to the customer. Perform analysis of networking problems as well as providing highest-level crisis management. 

Proficient in specifying and building wide range of equipment configurations to support multiple types of projects, including any degree of AV work.