Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is Founder & CEO of Liberty Techology... Full Bio »

Ashley McDaniel

Ashley works with the financial branch of the company, which includes A/P, A/R, payroll... Full Bio »

Nathan Jones

Nathan’s position as Chief Operating Officer affords everyone at Liberty Technology the freedom to... Full Bio »

Denise Balentine

Director of Purchasing 
Denise is responsible for product strategy, purchasing, and vendor relations. She develops our... Full Bio »

Steven Lease

General Manager
Steven’s career began in government. Straight out of the University of Pittsburgh, he was... Full Bio »


Nicole Perry

Vice President of Marketing
Nicole oversees Liberty Technology’s marketing events, campaigns, and planning. Marketing... Full Bio »

Susan G Slaughter

Organization Development Manager
Susan works with our engineers, the sales department, and our marketing team to make sure that... Full Bio »

B. Michelle Cobb

Lead Designer
Taking our ideas and concepts to reality-whether it be online or on paper – Michelle's knowledge of... Full Bio »

David Pritchard

Software Developer
David Pritchard graduated from Georgia College in Milledgeville, GA with a BS in Computer Science... Full Bio »


Josh Messer

Account Executive
Josh Messer is a dedicated accounts man, and he’s here to make sure that from the moment a client... Full Bio »

Donnie Howard

Account Executive
Donnie joined Liberty Technology in June 2017 after transitioning from the Air Force with over 25 years... Full Bio »

Nathaniel Williams

Account Executive
Than is a retired 20-year Coast Guard Officer. He went to school at the U.S. Coast Guard... Full Bio »

Andrea Goodsell

Inside Sales
Andrea plans and organizes projects, making sure that they stay on course and tasks are completed... Full Bio »


Gloria McShane

Accounts Recievable
Gloria McShane’s role as Accounts Receivable/Collections is essential to the finance department. As far.. Full Bio »

Ashley Bhem


Aubrey Long

First Impressions Coordinator
As Liberty Technology’s First Impression Coordinator Aubrey Long is probably the first person you... Full Bio »

Jacquie Rives

Project Manager
Jacquie currently serves as Liberty Technology’s Project Manager. Once the sales is complete, Jacquie is ... Full Bio »


Charles Goodsell

Solutions Architect
Charles directs the field team on projects. Making sure things get done on time and on budget, he looks for... Full Bio »

Randle Rivers

Lead Collaboration Engineer
Randle implements and designs business networks. He is also responsible for Cisco phone and... Full Bio »

Jordan Fletcher

OneSource Engineer
Jordan is a member of our OneSource support team. He has enjoyed technology all of his life... Full Bio »

Todd Gardner

OneSource Engineer
Todd is a member of the OneSource support team. He’s an experienced systems administrator and... Full Bio »


Wesley Colbert

OneSource Engineer
Whether he’s here putting out the daily little fires or away at a work site assisting one of our technicians... Full Bio »

Jessica Justice

OneSource Engineer
Jessica Justice was a welcome addition to Liberty’s technical team, and currently holds the title of... Full Bio »

Todd Baugh

OneSource Engineer

BJ Person

Bench Technician


Ridwan Palash

OneSource Engineer

Keith Blount

On-Site Support
Keith is a member of Liberty Technology’s on-site support team. When we’re getting ready to head out to a site... Full Bio »

Adam Toomey

On-Site Support